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Cultural Exchange Meeting with Chong Sheng Overseas Chinese University

On March 10, invited by International Cooperation and Exchange Center, Luoyang Normal University (LYNU) held a cultural exchange meeting with Chong Sheng Overseas Chinese University in Thailand, which was held online. The chairman of Chong Sheng Overseas Chinese University of Thailand, Shi Lei, and the representative of international affairs China, Ma Hong, attended the meeting. The relevant leaders and foreign affairs staff of the International Cooperation and Exchange Center attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Qu Hongtao, director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Center.

Director Qu Hongtao firstly introduced the basic overview of LYNU. He pointed out that LYNU is a comprehensive teacher-training university, and the level of education and teaching has been rising year by year, and has trained a large number of excellent graduates over the past century, which effectively meets and serves the demand for talents for local socio-economic and cultural development and has a good social reputation. At the same time, relying on the long cultural and historical heritage of Luoyang and the characteristics of disciplines and specialties, the university has taken the Heluo culture as a carrier in recent years, and has opened various forms of humanities exchanges and international promotion of the Chinese language with many foreign universities, taking advantage of the platform of Henan Province Chinese International Heluo Culture Promotion Base, and the international influence of schooling has been increasing. He said that there are many points of convergence between Chong Sheng Overseas Chinese University in Thailand and LYNU in terms of cultural exchange and international promotion of Chinese language, which is also in line with the national One Belt One Road development initiative.

Chairman Shi Lei pointed out that he was very glad to have the exchange and negotiation with LYNU, and he highly recognized the rich historical and cultural heritage of our school and the fruitful schooling results. After introducing the basic situation of Chong Sheng Overseas Chinese University in Thailand, he expressed his hope that the two universities could cooperate and exchange in the areas of mutual visits of teachers and students, joint training of students and promotion and exchange of Hailu culture.

After the meeting, the two universities will sign a memorandum of cooperation on Chinese language and Heluo culture exchange.

It is also the first and only university in Thailand to be wholly funded by Chinese donations and not for profit, to be inaugurated by His Majesty the King of Thailand, and offers undergraduate, master and doctoral programs in a wide range of disciplines.





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