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Information for International Students to Study at LYNU

Information for International Students to Study at LYNU



I Admission

1. Language Students: studying duration from 0.5 to maximum 2 years; school starts in every February and September. Students will be divided into classes at different Chinese language levels.

2. Undergraduate Students: 4-year program; school starts in every September (regarding the majors, please refer to the following annex or the school website: www.lynu.edu.cn)

3. Exchange Students Program: based on particular cooperation agreements

II Categories of students and qualifications.

Student Type Qualification of Applicants Materials to be submitted
Language Students Formal schooling of high school level or higher, 18-55 years old, healthy.
Final schooling certificate and schooling records (the copies should be notarized)
Undergraduate Students Formal schooling of high school level or higher, 18-55 years old, healthy.
A. Final schooling certificate and schooling records (the copies should be notarized) B. Band Six above (students for liberal arts) or Band Three above certificates (students for sciences) of HSK examination (copies are acceptable)

All applicants are requested to submit the following materials:
1. Luoyang Normal University Application Form of International Students;
2. Health Certificate and the Blood Examination Report
3. A copy of the applicant's passport, Final schooling certificate and schooling records (the copies should be notarized);
4. Application fee: 400 RMB Yuan. (the application fees are not refundable).
5. 6 photos (5 photos for short-term program students) (passport size)

III Application Procedure

All applicants need to contact the Foreign Affairs Office of Luoyang Normal University.
1. Get an application form from the Foreign Affairs Office or download it from Luoyang Normal University website. (www.lynu.edu.cn)

2. Submit to the Foreign Affairs Office the following materials:
1) A completed application form;
2) A copy of your passport, visa and final schooling certificate. After the above-mentioned application fee and materials are received, the Foreign Affairs Office will review all the materials, and decide on whether to admit the applicant or not. Admitted applicants will receive a letter of acceptance and a JW202 form for visa application. It requires at least 8 weeks from the application deadline for notifications of admission to be sent out. Within this period, we will do our best to inform you of any missing materials in the application. For applicants who submitted complete applications, we will evaluate the application and, if accepted, arrange necessary examination(s). If admitted, we will send you the admission notice as soon as possible, but due to some unexpected problems, we may be unable to reply your mails or e-mails promptly.

3. Admitted applicants will be sent a letter of acceptance and a JW202 form (for visa application) which is to be submitted to the local Chinese consulate or Embassy to process student visas for studying in China.

4. Admitted applicants need to take the letter of acceptance and the JW 202 form with them when they come to register in the Foreign Affairs Office of Luoyang Normal University. If they are unable to get the visa on time, they are required to contact our Office for further arrangement.

IV Medical insurance:

Luoyang Normal University requires all international students to have sufficient medical insurance throughout the duration of study. At minimum, the insurance must cover accidents and hospitalization. Students can either buy the insurance before coming to China, or else buy it here. Upon registration, foreign students should submit documentation of proof of coverage from their insurance companies (or other relevant bodies) to the university. This documentation must prove that they are covered for accidents and hospitalization within the duration of study. The said documentation should be in Chinese or English.
more pictures about study chinese martials arts

V Cost

A. Tuition fee

Student Type

Liberal Arts

Science and Technology


Martial Arts

Language Students





Undergraduate Students





Research & Study Students





B. Textbooks
Depends on different majors, proximately 360 RMB person per semester

C. Accommodations
Two international students’ dormitory buildings on campus, with a favorable price

Room Type

Room Facilities



2 beds with steam-heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer, bathroom, washroom, telephone, color TV and closet

100 RMB yuan/room/day

Student’s dormitory

4 beds with closets

1,000 RMB yuan/person/year

D. Food
With an IC card in the students’ canteen, about 20 RMB yuan per person per day.
All the above-mentioned price are subject to change in accordance with the actual condition.

E. Application and testing fee
400 RMB yuan per person (the fees are not refundable).

F. Physical check (paid at arriving)
337 RMB yuan per person.

G. Residence Permit
430RMB yuan person/half a year, 830 RMB yuan person/year.

H. Travel-Study program
10,000 RMB yuan per person, including room and board, study, travel, etc. (international air ticket not included).

VI Duration and Certificate Offered

Student Type

Study Duration

Certificates Offered

Language Students

0.5-2 years


Undergraduate Students

4 years

Diploma/Bachelor's degree

Research & Study Students


Research Certificate

Those who attend lectures in Chinese need to learn one year of Chinese language if they did not know Chinese Language well enough and it's also necessary for them to get HSK Degree Certificate of Qualification or the similar certificate, for science or engineering undergraduate, at least HSK 3; for liberal arts students at least HSK 6.

VII Syllabus for foreign students

All schools of Luoyang Normal University accept foreign students. As for details, please refer to the website: www.eduinchina.net

VIII Contact: Mr. Zhang Lei, Ms. Mao Ningyuan

        • Tel: 0086-379-65526282; Fax: 0086-379-65521956
        • Address: Foreign Affairs Office, Luoyang Normal University, No. 71 Longmen Road, Luolong District, Luoyang, Henan Province, 471022, China

  In order to enlarge the scope of recruiting international students as well as to appreciate all the agencies and friends, we have drown up new policies of encouraging overseas enrollment

  A commission will be given to those agencies and friends who recommend international student to study Chinese at our university according to the following proportion:
  *15 students or more than 15(yearly), a commission of 10% of the tuition fee handed in by the students;
  *1-15 students(yearly), a commission of 5% of the tuition fee handed in by the students;

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